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4 Secrets of big data

& a perfect relationship

By Jessica Wong

· Trend,Big Data

Valentine’s Day is coming at the corner. Have you found your Mr. or Mrs. Right? Working with Big Data for a period of time, and I found that the characteristic of a prefect relationship is just the same as perfect Big Data. Let me show you more in the following and hope you can happily ever after with your loved one.

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Be there

Everyone hope their partner can be here when they are needed, giving support or encouragement, or just simply a hug. Good Big Data is the same; availability is a very important issue. All of this is perfect, as long as the data is always available, as data is only valuable if it is accessible when needed. Many applications of big data rely on real-time streams and any distribution to these data flows will interrupt the analytical processes. A real time data stream allows company get insights and makes decision faster and respond to customer interaction in real time.

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Even if you two are in a relationship and share most of the things in life, private space is still very important. So we have to respect each other’s privacy. In terms of Big Data, confidentiality is a great concern. Measures have to be taken to prevent wrong people reaching sensitive information, while making sure that the right people can get access to it: Access must be restricted to those authorized to view and use. Fellow measures or tools can be used to ensure data confidentiality which we call data security.

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Stand by me

When you love somebody, you would do everything to protect him/ her from any hurt, so do Big Data, you have to protect it from any attack or unauthorized usage. Data security is a constant concern because Big Data are valuable to intruders. Any ransomware attack, virus or unauthorized access to your data may hurt your data, cause monetary cost or even sell your valuable. You can protect your valuable data by using encryption, centralized key management, user access control, instruction detection and prevention and physical security.

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Being true and is important in a relationship, cheat is not allowed. When it comes to Big Data; integrity means maintaining the consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness of data. Data must not be changed on the way, and regulations must be implemented to ensure that data cannot be access by unauthorized people. These measures include file permissions and user access controls. Moreover, some means must be taken to detect any changes in data that might occur as a result of non-human-caused events such as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or server crash.