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BDA: Pioneer in Data Industry, Reported by CMA

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本月,數據架構師有限公司,作為中華廠商會的會員企業,有幸登上八月號會員通訊。在月報的第五頁,本司的馬彼德先生,是專題報道「大數據軍師 助企業開拓宏圖」的訪問對象。

會員通訊(CMA Monthly Bulletin)為聯合會會員每月精心印製的刊物,不僅設有封面專題報導,亦會詳列各項會員活動、會員優惠、新會員介紹等。香港中華廠商聯合會(CMA, The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong,簡稱廠商會),成立於1934年9月1日。是在香港政府註冊之非牟利工商團體(Trade Association)。會員超過3700家公司,目的是服務社會,維護公共利益,加強社會及國際聯繫,促進工商業發展。



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Big Data Architect Ltd (BDA), who has been a corporate member of CMA, was honorably reported in the CMA Monthly Bulletin, August Issue. The marketing director of BDA, Mr. Peter Ma, accepted an interview that was later included in the article “Deliver Valuable Insights for Enterprises to Master Needs and Lead the Way to Success” on page 5.

CMA Monthly Bulletin, published by members of CMA every month, encompasses not only several cover stories, but also contents related to activities of members and introduction of new members, etc. CMA, short for The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, is a not-for-profit chamber of commerce established in 1934 and one of the most representative industrial associations in Hong Kong. It has over 3,000 member companies from various sectors of industry and trade.

In the report, Mr. Ma briefly introduced that “Architect” in the name of the company implied that BDA was keen in delivering valuable messages and constructing the development blueprint for clients. The feature services of the company included unique solutions supported by proprietary analysis and prediction tools, excellent data visualization skills and tailor-made big data educations. Besides, Mr. Ma also shared one of successful cases BDA implemented.

At the same time, Mr. Ma stated that big data analysis was not only demanded by giant corporations anymore. Along with competitive market and development of e-commerce, big data technologies could also help SMEs obtain information to distribute targeted advertisements. In the end, Ma looked forward to more IT support and IT talents in Hong Kong for HK’s prosperity.

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