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Big Data University:

Where a Data Scientist Grows

Data-related roles have dominated the ranking boards of jobs in demand for the past few years around the world. Traditional academic institutes have begun to fill the gap but it is not enough. Data science, as a relatively new discipline, requires skills of statistics, computer science, even communications and management, which poses a significant challenge for conventional education system.

It is a point where self-learning comes into play. Education that is available at any place and at any time becomes popular. Different from other online courses that ask for pre-requisite skills, Big Data University (BDU), an IBM community initiative, is open for everyone who is willing to enter the world of data science.

Up till now, it has had 400,000 students signing up around the world, learning big data technologies at their own pace. It provides courses ranging from fundamental knowledge like Hadoop 101 to advanced skillsets like Deep Learning with TensorFlow. The courses encompasses not only big data technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Pig, Oozie, Yarn, Hive, SQL, and Python etc., but also other inspiring contents about data journalism, machine learning (+deep learning), text mining, etc. Generally speaking, you name it, Big Data University has it.

One feature distinguishing BDU from the rest is its business-and-career-centric approach that urges students to practice the techniques. Various career paths are designed for students to have a series of courses step by step. You can also earn IBM badges and display them on social platforms like LinkedIn after accomplishing the course you start.

“We teach people, we help people get skills, we are not there to teach how to use IBM products,” said Leon Katsnelson, IBM’s director and CTO for analytics platform emerging technologies. Thus, as well-known Big Data writer Bernard Marr points out, “Big Data University is owned and administered by IBM it is considered a “community” rather than a corporate division and its courses are designed to be fully platform agnostic.” Overall, it is a collaborative community of education and knowledge.

Big Data Architect Ltd. (BDA), as BDU’s partner and a member of BDU community, always takes an active part in providing big data education for multi-national corporates (MNCs) and small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong. By devoting enthusiastically to education, BDA aims to communicate with professionals in IT industry and raise public awareness of data science.

Don’t wait to join Big Data University

  • If you are thirsty for technological knowledge
  • If you long for a transition as a professional
  • If you are eager to know more about big data

And train yourselve as a data professional.

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自主學習由此成為大勢所趨,其優勢在於可以在任何時間、任何地點,學習自己最感興趣的內容。不同于其餘線上課程的高門檻,IBM知識社群——大數據大學 Big Data University, BDU則歡迎每一個對數據科學感興趣的人。

迄今為止,全球共有超過40的學生在大數據大學註冊。大數據大學提供各種各樣的課程,從基礎知識例如Hadoop 101高級技術例如Deep Learning with TensorFlow。課程中也不僅包括Hadoop、MapReduce、Spark、Pig、Oozie、Yarn、Hive、SQL及Python等大數據內容,還有例如機器學習(+深度學習),文本挖掘、數據新聞等有趣的訓練,可以說是應有盡有。


「我們教育大家,我們幫助大家掌握技能,我們並不是教大家如何使用IBM的產品」,IBM分析平臺優進技術的技術總監Leon Katsnelson說道。正如全球知名大數據作家Bernard Marr指出的那樣,「大數據大學雖然由IBM開設和管理,但是它並非一個商業分支,而完全是一個具有平臺中立性的社群」。知識和教育才是大數據大學的重中之重。

數據架構師有限公司(Big Data Architect Ltd., BDA),作為大數據大學的合作夥伴和大學成員,長期致力於為香港的跨國企業和中小型企業提供優質的大數據教育,期望能加強IT界的溝通交流,提高民眾對數據科學的認知。


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