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New Member of Hong Kong Computer Society: Big Data Architect

On 24th, February 2017, BDA was officially admitted into The Hong Kong Computer Society as a corporate member.

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Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS) was founded in 1970 with the mission to develop Information Technology industry and profession in Hong Kong. It is a renowned non-profit organization with more than 9,000 members from a wide range of IT communities and companies. It is a place for people and companies who passionately devote to the industry and work hard for a technologically prosperous HK.

BDA (Big Data Architect Limited) aims to discover insights from clients’ data with its cutting-edge technologies and efficient services. The vision is to apply cognitive science and techniques in business and thus, to capitalize your data. The services include data warehouse design, data analytics, and data visualizations.

If you are interested in data analytics or data science, feel free to subscribe our blogs below; or to follow our Facebook page and Instagram account: @bdanews. You’re also welcome to schedule a meeting with us to see what we can do with your data by emailing to!

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