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Top Big Data Tips Straight from the Industry Experts

Big data without analytics is an oil  well without exploitation

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With the total amount of data being captured and stored by different industries doubling every 1.2 years, it is safe to say that big data has become one of the biggest tools in most company’s utility belts. For some decision makers, little knowledge and experience of how to make use of your big data can be a long and painstaking process.

Here at Big Data Architect, we want to make sure that you optimize the use of your Big Data and resist the urge of becoming overwhelmed with what seems like never-ending facts and figures. Starting from the basics, here are a few ways to help your company hone in on their big data capabilities.

Variety is the spice of life -Capturing a variety of different information could give you a greater insight to what your customers are looking for. Remember, big data revolves around the customer. The greater the variety of information you have about the customer, the greater you will understand their thought processes.

Trying to analyze and relate a large variety of data can be an extremely challenging task. Recruiting an experienced data scientist would solve this problem immediately due to their analytical capabilities.

BI (Business Intelligence) software such as IBM Cognos aids your company in faster and more accurate decision making. Like turning rust into gold, Business Intelligence is capable of turning your raw data into something that is meaningful and useful to your company.

BI is capable of directing users to identify new business opportunities. Implementing the system into your company can be quite a difficult procedure due to the many features it contains and the possibility that your company doesn’t contain many experts on BI. Luckily, Big Data Architect specializes in Business Intelligence programs such as IBM Cognos and would be able to help you with analyzing and fully understanding its capabilities.

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